hydraulic shearing machine

Specifications and Features

Hydraulic shearing machines, especially those sourced from reputable suppliers like Anchors Machinery, are designed with precision and efficiency in mind. They come equipped with features that not only enhance their functionality but also ensure safety during operations.

Key Specifications (based on the information from Anchors Machinery)

Hydraulic Pendulum Shears:

  • Max. Sheet Thickness: 6mm to 12mm (varies based on model)
  • Max. Sheet Width: 2500mm to 3200mm
  • Sheet Metal Strength: 450 N/mm2
  • Shear Angle: 1.5°
  • Backgauge Max. Distance: 600mm to 800mm
  • Main Motor: 7.5KW to 18.5KW
  • Weight: 5200kg to 8600kg

Hydraulic Guillotine Shears:

  • Max. Sheet Thickness: 8mm to 16mm
  • Max. Sheet Width: 2500mm
  • Sheet Metal Strength: 450 N/mm2
  • Shear Angle: 0.5° to 2.5°
  • Backgauge Max. Distance: 800mm
  • Main Motor: 11KW to 22KW
  • Weight: 6500kg to 8700kg

Salient Features:

  • All-Steel Welded Structure: Ensures durability and stability during operations.
  • Blade Gap Adjustment: Allows for precision cutting across different metal thicknesses.
  • Safety Features: Equipped with safety halt gears and protective casings to ensure operator safety.
  • Backgauge Device: Quick motor adjustment, fine-tuned manually with digital display.
  • Counting Device: Ensures accurate and consistent operations.
  • CNC System: Advanced CNC systems like ESTUN E200-S and Delem DAC-360 for enhanced functionality.
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