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Specifications & Features: B5020 Heavy Duty Metal Slotting Machine

1. Type:

  • Vertical Planer Slotting Machine

2. Applications:

  • Designed to process various parts including planes, types, and keyways.
  • Ideal for single or small batch production workshops.

3. Main Turning Mechanism:

  • Features a rotary motion of the variable handle gear.
  • Capable of longitudinal movements.

4. Aesthetics & Maintenance:

  • Boasts a sleek and beautiful appearance.
  • Designed for easy maintenance, ensuring longevity and minimal downtime.

5. Power Supply:

  • Operates on a three-phase AC power supply.
  • Voltage: 380 volts
  • Frequency: 50 Hz

This slotting machine, with its robust features and specifications, is a testament to the expertise and manufacturing prowess of China’s machinery industry. It promises precision, durability, and efficiency, making it a valuable asset for any production workshop.

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